Live Microcurrent Training


“About our session today…..You really caused me to think outside of the box….this is really good. I could see a big difference and there was way more sensations in my face afterwards than I have ever had before.” Pam, VA

Did you know I offer microcurrent training for licensed Estheticians and lay people alike? I do the training via Skype, iPad or iPhone. If you have a professional machine and are not getting the results that you want, even when following the manufacturer’s protocol, I can help.

The method I use has been perfected over the years on many hundreds of clients. When I first starting doing microcurrent I made many mistakes that hindered my progress. Don’t let this happen to you! My one-on-one trainings will help you:

1. Learn very quickly what took me years to obtain.

2. Fill your book with happy, satisfied clients that send you more and more microcurrent clients.

3. Quickly build a successful practice that is stable and weathers even the toughest of economies.

My microcurrent clients return for maintenance more consistently than my monthly facial clients. (They spend way more too. Ask me for more info on this.) I even had a client joke with me before I went on my annual two week vacation saying, “Do you hear that? That’s the sound of faces falling all over Austin while Christine is on vacation!” This is a treatment to which clients become very faithful. When done right, your income will be very consistent. (In fact, it will go up and up!)

Providing the very best results for your clients requires technical skill and experience, but there’s also a technique I’ve discovered that will enhance results in even the toughest cases. Sound interesting?


And then Schedule your training session through my automated scheduling system and start getting better microcurrent results on your clients right away!



317 997-2260



2 responses to “Live Microcurrent Training

  1. Christine, I live in Australia and would like to offer this as an added service to other beauty treatments. What is the best machine for me to purchase and do you offer a certificate after finishing the Skye sessions with you?

    Brisbane Australia

    Hi Jeanette,
    There are many great machines out there: bio therapeutic, Jade esthetics, Clareblend, beautiful image, nuerotris . Start your research there. I don’t offer any officially sanctioned certificate but I could mark you an unofficial one to display on the wall so your clients know you value education.

    • Jeanette,

      There are lots of great machines out there,including Bio Therapeutic, Clareblend, Nuerotris, Beautiful Image, and mine, Jade Esthetics.

      I don’t offer certificates affiliated with any educational institution.

      It’s a lot to think about and requires a lot of research. Start with the machines above, get treatments from other spas that offer it, doing that helped me a lot. Also attending Skincare shows and getting treatments from exhibitors there.

      Good luck. Let me know if I can help you.


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