About Christine


(Photos taken from the 12 Day Microcurrent Challenge)

Christine Byer is a licensed esthetician; skincare ingredient expert; microcurrent, LED and laser enthusiast; previous skincare clinic owner and proud new mom. Christine’s mission is to educate her clients on all their anti aging treatment options, from cosmeceuticals to surgery and everything in between. Christine has been performing microcurrent on her clients since 2003.

317 997-2260


2 responses to “About Christine

  1. Hi, Saw your YouTube about an inexpensive Infrared Therapy Panel and have to say thank you very much. I’m ready to order a panel, BUT I saw a bulb with the same specs (660 nm) that can placed in a lamp and I’m thinking that might be a better option. Any thoughts on that?
    I’m excited about being able to help my 63-old skin with some in home treatments and also to help with some other health issues. With some research on the internet, I’m finding light therapy has some uses for muscle and orthopedic repair. That’s a surprise.
    Well, anyway, looking forward to any input you might have.

    • The panels are RED LED, not infrared. Too different wavelengths, slightly different results. I’d do some research there. The bulb will not be more powerful than a panel in most case. Again, do your research and make sure you aren’t comparing apples to oranges!

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